All you need at your fingertips to manage faculty workload, costs and teaching assignments

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Help for Administrators

Fully supports the teaching assignment process - TAMS makes the teaching assignment process easy. TAMS displays each course that needs faculty coverage and then produces a list of suggested faculty for the course based upon: 1) who taught that course historically, 2) who asked to teach it in this academic period and 3) who has teaching workload availability

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Faculty Satisfaction

Faculty requests can be better honored - You will be amazed at the goodwill created by collecting preferences from faculty within TAMS. TAMS makes the process of soliciting faculty teaching assignment preferences easy.

Reduction in assignment errors impacting faculty - The automation and ability to track teaching assignments and changes to assignments in real time in TAMS results in reduced chance of error. Again, your faculty will appreciate you…and by extension, you will appreciate TAMS.

Better visibility and transparency with faculty about their assignments and workload – Ever have a faculty member in your office indicating they are over teaching? You explain how they are not by pulling out your spreadsheet or log and attempting to explain, but have difficulty doing so. TAMS takes away that problem with simple reports that summarize faculty workload and tracks changes made to assignments before and throughout the year, allowing you to take the “mystery” out of the faculty assignment.

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Cost Savings & Better Data

Staff and Administrator Time - TAMS reduces the time it takes to make teaching assignments by an estimated 50%, freeing up staff and administrators for higher value work and/or allowing the school to hold off on that next support hire.

Faculty and Instructor Cost – Ask yourself or your financial leader the percentage of salaried faculty who are teaching to their full expectation. Are you sure? TAMS helps you be sure.

Pricing Supportive of Tight University Budgets

Duke is not seeking to make a profit on TAMS, just recover development expenses and the ongoing cost of the TAMS Team. We know this software can help other schools, something about which we are proud. Customers pay an annual licensing fee that includes cloud hosting in a certified secure environment, full onboarding, training and support. Licenses are offered in two and three year durations.

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The TAMS Community

The TAMS Community includes universities of all types, public and private, large and small, research intensive and teaching focused. Our operations and support teams are constantly evolving and improving TAMS by listening to request for new features and input from those using the system across the country and abroad. Those using TAMS help shape enhancements, making the system even better.

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NC Tech Award
Digital Transformations Award Finalist

TAMS was a finalist for the 2020 technology award for digital transformation along with Credit Suisse, Bank of America, Cisco and MetLife.

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Faculty Workload Methodologies White Paper

Download our whitepaper on managing faculty teaching workloads.

Kunshan University
TAMS signs deal with Duke Kunshan University in China

Our system will help this university be effective in managing instructor course assignments and workload as their enrollment grows.


Best in breed security to pass any university’s IT security review

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