Satisfied Faculty

Engagement in the process from the outset, and the ability to easily consider Instructors' preferences when making Assignments result in greater satisfaction amongst Faculty.

Course Coverage

Course coverage metrics and detail are available in real-time, all the time, removing the grunt-work from attaining full course coverage.

happy about the benefits of using tams
Cost Savings

Save money through operational efficiencies and optimal utilization of Faculty and Instructors.

Informed Decisions

The power of TAMS lies in its ability to enable better decisions through the plethora of tools and insights it provides.

clip of the interface used to award points for a teaching assignment
Real-time Metrics

The TAMS Dashboard provides you with real-time information on key metrics like workflow progress, course coverage and Teaching Preference alignment.

In-depth Reporting

Up to the minute reports with fine-grained filtering let you slice through data to get the information that matters to you.

images of pie charts representing the reporting in TAMS
for  Administrators
  • TAMS makes decision-making easy and accurate
  • TAMS helps to manage every aspect of the teaching assignment and course scheduling process, it orchestrates the data, the workflow and the communication.
  • TAMS helps you build a single semester or an entire academic year
  • TAMS saves time, our results show up to 50 percent over antiquated manual processes which saves money!
for  Senior Leaders
  • TAMS integrates with your data system. Using algorithms developed for post-secondary education, your data is used to create customized teaching assignment plans and reports.
  • TAMS is Secure. You to set the level of access to your data, ensuring that those who need access to the information to collaborate can have it while maintaining control of the decision-making process.
  • TAMS Increases accountability and prevents under scheduling or over scheduling of faculty, ensuring that your resources are being effectively and efficiently managed.
for  Faculty
  • TAMS provides for direct input by faculty, they can express teaching preferences and provide feedback regarding availability and future commitments
  • TAMS optimizes the matching of experienced faculty who are willing to teach with courses your students need.
  • TAMS is a great engagement tool. It measures the level of success in meeting faculty teaching preferences against the final course schedule.