Help for Administrators

Supports every step of the teaching assignment process, suggesting instructors for each course using faculty requests, historical teaching, workload standards & availability. Updates are real time & changes easy to track. Reports show uncovered sections, faculty productivity and more.

Engaged and Satisfied Faculty

Faculty teaching preferences are solicited by TAMS. Administrators make assignments and release to all faculty with a few mouse clicks. Faculty view requested courses & those assigned right in TAMS. Administrators can now have informed workload discussions with faculty using TAMS data.

Cost Analysis and Control

Actual pay rates or average cost & workload data all captured in TAMS. Reports for future or past periods identify changes possible to save teaching costs such as reducing adjunct use or fully assigning faculty. Easily view cost of a course, academic program, department, instructor grouping and much more.

The TAMS Community

The TAMS Community includes universities of all types, public and private, large and small, research intense and teaching focused. Our operations and support teams are constantly evolving and improving TAMS by listening to requests for new features and input from those using the system across the country... members of the TAMS Community. Those using TAMS help shape enhancements and new features, making the system even better.  TAMS Community members receive upgrades at no additional cost.



A Product of Duke University

TAMS was created at Duke by people who live the challenges of teaching assignments, workload management and an intense desire for engaged faculty. We understand what it takes to manage teaching assignments and speak your workload language.



What is the process behind TAMS and what can it do for you?


How Does TAMS Work?

Learn about some of the many functions that TAMS offers to help improve and streamline your teaching assignment management process.