Reduce Your Costs

Reducing cost testimonialTAMS is unparalleled when it comes to managing the complexities of the teaching assignment process.  Built by administrators for administrators, TAMS takes the guess work out of the teaching assignment process and allows administrators to maximize resources and reduce costs.

Consolidate Data - With TAMS administrators can see on one screen faculty teaching history, their preferences for an academic period, and their teaching workload availability. Algorithms created specifically for TAMS provides real-time data that streamlines the assignment process that saves thousands of dollars in administrative time each year. 

Save More Money and Maximize Resources – In addition to saving staff time, one of the biggest benefits of TAMS is the potential to save your school hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.  TAMS can do this in two ways:

  • Maximize Faculty Utilization – If your current faculty are not fully assigned to teaching or other duties, you are leaving money on the table. TAMS allows administrators to help ensure that all faculty are being fully utilized.
  • Reduce Costs of Adjunct Faculty – The other side of the issue is that you are probably supplementing your full-time faculty with adjunct instructors. 
    With TAMS, if your faculty are fully utilized, then your need for additional outside instructors is reduced.

Fully utilizing current faculty and reducing costs for outside teaching assistance can easily add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Manage Workload and Teaching Assignments in Real-Time – With a few clicks of your mouse, administrators can make teaching assignments and manage faculty workload in real time. Course schedules and faculty availability update automatically allowing administrators to stay ahead of the process, make adjustments and ensure that each course is covered in the most efficient and effective manner.

With TAMS, you can create categories of teaching workload and sub-divide those categories to meet your School’s particular needs (large enrollment, teaching assistant role, course manager, etc.).  You can set the terms that allow you to operate at your maximum efficiency and in real-time!


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