Optimal Teaching Assignments

TAMS makes it easy to make optimal teaching assignments and manage faculty effort.

Using proprietary algorithms developed specifically for higher education and based on what instructors previously taught, TAMS finds the instructor who best matches each course, what they prefer to teach and their available effort using your school’s workload methodology and program affiliation. 

clip of the interface used for preferences and teching assignments

Faculty Preferences Input

Collecting teaching preferences from your faculty in TAMS is a simple process. TAMS integrates into your technology systems, allowing instructors to quickly and easily login using your university password.  and choose the courses they would like to teach. TAMS collects the teaching preferences of your instructors, making future assignments faster and easier. 

Once all data is entered, TAMS suggests the best faculty match for a specific course using their. When assigning a specific course, TAMS generates a prioritized list of instructors, allowing administrators to properly and effectively assign courses.  

clip of the interface used for teaching preferences

Faculty Effort Management

TAMS provides administrators an accurate, real-time account of overall faculty and instructor effort and individual section assignments. All teaching-related effort automatically updates as an instructor’s assignments are completed. Tracking other types of instructor workload commitments, such as research or academic leadership roles that may be unrelated to coursework, is also part of TAMS’ functionality.

clip of the interface used for identifying and matching faculty to courses

Workflow Improvements

TAMS provides structured, clear milestones and accountability for your school’s assignments process. You’ll have the ability to delegate specific parts of the process to different team members, based on your organizational structure, by assigning specific roles to users based on their responsibility and required actions. For example, your business office can input the overall teaching effort required for instructors in an academic period, then the academic programs office works on the course schedule after the business office inputs the data. You have the power to manage your workflow in the way that best supports your unique process. 

clip of the workflow steps used in the teaching assignment management system

Keeping Track of Assignment Changes

Rarely do approved assignments remain static. Faculty often have revisions to externally funded effort, committee appointments and personal circumstances that cause their completed assignments to fluctuate. Once assignments are complete, TAMS tracks any changes and reports them in a helpful, filterable report, thus avoiding over-assignment, leaving course sections uncovered or through simple manual errors.


image showing assignments for a course section
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