Optimal Teaching Assignments

Using proprietary algorithms developed specifically for higher education, TAMS is able to find the instructor who best matches each course based on what your instructors have taught in the past, what they want to teach, and available effort using your workload methodology and program affiliation. TAMS makes it easy to make the optimal Teaching Assignments for your faculty and instructors.

clip of the interface used for preferences and teching assignments
clip of the interface used for teaching preferences
Faculty Preferences

Instructors login to TAMS using their existing university password and choose the courses they would like to teach all within a single screen in the application. And collecting Teaching Preferences is a simple and orderly process. With the TAMS reporting tools, analyzing the faculty teaching preferences is just as easy.

When the time comes to make Teaching Assignments, TAMS will use Faculty Teaching Preferences as a factor in suggesting the best faculty to match to each course. The administrator making the assignments is provided an on screen, prioritized list of recommended faculty and instructors for the course. The course assignment is then completed with just a couple clicks of the mouse. The application also provides a metric we refer to as "Assignment to Preference Alignment," which quantifies how well a faculty member’s actual Assignments match up with the Preferences they requested.

Faculty Effort Management

In TAMS, managing Faculty and Instructor Effort is easy. Using your own established faculty workload plan or methodology, all teaching related effort being utilized is tracked and displayed on screen as a natural part of the course assignment process. You can even keep track of effort commitments that result in reduced teaching expectations using TAMS built-in “Administrative Assignments” feature. As with Teaching Preferences, Teaching Effort is part of the instructor matching technology at the core of TAMS, and the available effort for an instructor is shown on-screen and updated in real-time as Assignments are made

clip of the interface used for identifying and matching faculty to courses
clip of the workflow steps used in the teaching assignment management system

A structured process, clear milestones and accountability are all necessary when managing the Teaching Assignment process. TAMS has workflow built-in and provides the ability to delegate specific parts of the process to different team members. For example, your Business Office can provide the base Teaching Effort required for Instructors in an Academic Period while the Academic Programs office works on the Course Schedule.

It is up to you how workflow is managed at your Institution. TAMS will let you assign he Roles to TAMS users in whatever way best supports your unique process.

Keeping Track of Assignment Changes

Even when you are done making Teaching Assignments, you aren't really done. After the course assignment process for an Academic Period has been completed faculty often have revisions to externally funded effort, committee appointments, and personal circumstances. There are many reasons why Assignments need to change out-of-cycle. TAMS supports this process of making and keeping track of these changes in a way that is flexible and reduces human error.

Once Assignments are designated as “complete” in the TAMS workflow, the application begins tracking changes to the Teaching Assignments. Reporting provides point-in-time comparisons including the reasons why changes were made to a given Assignment.

image showing assignments for a course section