Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to implement TAMS?

We customize the TAMS implementation plan based on your needs and timelines.  Generally, it takes 60 days to customize your instance of TAMS, and configure and upload your data. Training is fast and easy – usually just a couple of sessions and you are ready to begin working with TAMS.

Can TAMS be branded for my school?

Yes! TAMS can incorporate your school’s logo and colors into its interface, allowing it to appear branded like your other university systems. 

Is TAMS customizable?

Yes! As part of our on-boarding process, we walk you through all the available options and customizable fields, so TAMS can mirror your current assignments process and workload or effort policies. 

What support do I receive with TAMS?

As a licensee of TAMS, our team is ready to support you and the system after you go live to ensure you take advantage of all the features TAMS offers at no additional cost!

Are there other products similar to TAMS on the market?

We have looked and didn’t find anything that we could use. That is why several years ago, TAMS was created by the Duke University School of Nursing for their use and is being made available to other colleges and universities today.

How does TAMS engage faculty in the Teaching Assignment process?

Using TAMS, administrators engage faculty directly to determine their course teaching preferences for one or multiple semesters. They can indicate whether or not their availability to teach a course will be impacted by research obligations, or other factors that would impact their availability. The TAMS administrator then uses this feedback as well as historical teaching information to make informed teaching assignments. A special feature of the TAMS platform is that it analyses faculty teaching preferences against the final course schedule. Administrators can then report the exact level of satisfaction of faculty’s teaching preferences to the final course schedule.

Can we schedule multiple semesters with TAMS?

Absolutely! TAMS supports your academic calendar, whether you use semesters, terms, quarters, annual periods, etc.