Q. How long does it take to implement TAMS?

Once the license agreement is signed, you can be fully operational after a couple training and configuration steps than can be completed about as quickly as you would like. TAMS is surprisingly easy to adapt to your institution’s academic planning processes. A two-pronged on-boarding process ensures you are completely set up and ready to start using TAMS as soon as possible.

Q. Can TAMS be branded?

Yes. A special feature of TAMS allows your school’s logo and school’s colors to be integrated into the TAMS display. This allows TAMS to appear more integrated into your institution’s course scheduling system.

Q. Can TAMS be customized?

Yes. TAMS has the ability to customize certain data and the way you label that data in order to meet the needs of your individual school. We recognize that each school approaches the process of making teaching assignments and scheduling courses differently. TAMS is flexible and allows you to continue using your existing faculty workload methodology or plan within TAMS. Our TAMS Technical Team walks you through the selections within TAMS set up that support your processes.

Q. What type of support is provided with our license?

We use a two-pronged on-boarding process to ensure you are fully-prepared to begin using and enjoying TAMS. Our TAMS Technical Team will work with your school or university’s staff to make sure data is properly loaded into TAMS. The TAMS Operational Team will then work with your staff to ensure they are fully trained and ready to use the TAMS platform. Our TAMS technical team stands ready to support you and the system after you go live to make sure you can take advantage of the full set of features TAMS offers.

Q. Are there other products similar to TAMS on the market?

We have looked and didn’t find anything that we could use. That is why several years ago, TAMS was created by the Duke University School of Nursing for their use and is being made available to other colleges and universities today.

Q. How does TAMS engage faculty in the Teaching Assignment process?

Using TAMS, administrators engage faculty directly to determine their course teaching preferences for one or multiple semesters. They can indicate whether or not their availability to teach a course will be impacted by research obligations, or other factors that would impact their availability. The TAMS administrator then uses this feedback as well as historical teaching information to make informed teaching assignments. A special feature of the TAMS platform is that it analyses faculty teaching preferences against the final course schedule. Administrators can then report the exact level of satisfaction of faculty’s teaching preferences to the final course schedule.

Q. Can we schedule multipe semesters at once with TAMS?

Absolutely! That is one of the wonderful things about TAMS. With TAMS you can schedule a single semester, or an entire academic year. If you use a system of quarters or any other academic calendar, TAMS supports that too.

TAMS is architected specifically for your institution to enjoy all the benefits of cloud hosting while also being fully protected. Using multiple layers of security at the datacenter, server and application levels, you can be confident that your data is kept private and secure.

Data Centers

TAMS is hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This is the industry-leading cloud service provider, guaranteeing physical site security, redundancy and SOC2 compliance.

  • TAMS leverages encrypted cloud storage providing secure, unlimited data storage.
  • Using AWS auto-scaling technology and load balancing allows TAMS to respond quickly to traffic spikes.


  • TAMS takes full advantage of the AWS ecosystem. Our cloud architecture ensures the highest level of availability and security.
  • TAMS is hosted in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) which makes it invisible to the public.
  • All connectivity must pass through encrypted channels, load balancers and firewalls.
  • Vulnerability scans are regularly run which send proactive notifications to our security team for all vulnerabilities found.


TAMS maintains an audit log of all critical data elements and verifies all user access to your private data.

Data Management & Disaster Recovery

  • Your TAMS data is fully redundant with complete backups to a geographically separate datacenter each evening.
  • Backups are protected with multiple system administration access levels.