Faculty Teaching Requests

Faculty Teaching AssignmentsTAMS is an excellent tool for improving relationships between faculty and administration when it comes to managing the teaching assignment process.

Engage With Faculty – TAMS allows administrators to reach out directly to individual faculty members to solicit their availability and preferences for teaching within a single academic term, or an entire year. The entire process of soliciting faculty preferences, collecting and managing dozens or even hundreds of individual requests can now be done with a few clicks. Faculty will feel more engaged and a part of your teaching assignment process by knowing that their preferences were captured accurately and quickly with TAMS.

Improve Trust and Transparency – TAMS allows you to improve trust between faculty and administration by increasing transparency in the teaching assignment process. Rather than relying on outdated e-surveys or photocopied forms, administrators can use data to show exactly who requested which classes and when.  Administrators can also show the percentage of success in meeting individual faculty requests.  The process with TAMS is fast, accurate, and TRANSPARENT.

Increase Efficiency and Understanding – With TAMS, administrators not only significantly improve efficiency with the teaching assignment process, they also improve their understanding of how to ensure courses are taught by the most qualified faculty member, but also competing demands on faculty such as departmental leadership roles, research and other commitments that impact their teaching availability.


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